The Wickerman Festival Campsites


Gate Opening Hours

Thursday 23rd July: 12.00 – 23.00

Friday 24th July: 09.00 – 23.00

Saturday 25th July: 09.00 – 23.00

The exit gate never closes so it is possible to leave at any time, not that you would want to.

Please note: Weekend ticket holders can enter the site from 12.00 on Thursday. Saturday ticket holders are only entitled to enter the site from 09.00 on Saturday.

Arriving At The Festival

Gates close at 23.00, so we urge you to arrive safely and in time unless you want to wait in a holding bay until the gates reopen at 09.00 the next morning.

The campsites are open from 12.00 Thursday 23rd to 12.00 Sunday 26th.

Please note you can only camp if in possession of a valid Wickerman ticket.

  • Weekend ticket holders can camp on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Saturday ticket holders are only entitled to camp on Saturday night.

Please note that it is not possible to reserve space in the above campsites, if you are unsure of how to locate either campsite please ask one of the stewards upon arrival on site to direct you to the appropriate car park. If you would like some help to move your belongings between the car and campsite and then back to the car on Sunday why not check out our Sherpa service.

The Main Campsite
Split into General Camping and Late & Loud Camping, general camping covers the majority of the field but we’ve allocated the area just over the wall from the Bass Camp Dance Village and the Reggae Tent as Late & Loud. These areas are open until 05.00 each morning so we felt it better to give you some warning, however, if you want to party into the night and sleep during the day, this area would be ideal.
The Family Campsite

This is not the campsite for those who want to party all weekend, but is ideal for families and indeed anyone who wants to retire at the end of the evening and doesn’t want to be disturbed by their neighbours. It is worth remembering that Wickerman is a music festival and as such background noise should be expected. Please don’t camp in this area if you want a lively weekend as you run the risk of being asked to move.

Bringing A Caravan, Campervan or Trailer Tent

If you would like to bring a caravan, campervan or trailer tent, we have room to accommodate you too. In fact our caravan/campervan/trailer tent field is divided into two areas, general and family, information on each can be found below.


An area for families or perhaps those looking for somewhere a little quieter. If you have family accompanying you to the festival and you need a little extra space, you can erect one small tent next to your van in is area (if you want to).


If you don’t have family accompanying you to the festival, then the general area is for you. No tents are permitted in this area, and we would ask that you do not attempt to erect one as our steward will ask you to remove it (and that would just be a waste of time that you could be spent enjoying yourself).

  • Your tickets will be scanned on arrival at the front gate, so we would ask you to please have them ready for inspection;
  • You can park your towing vehicle next to your caravan or trailer tent for the duration of the festival, however, if you want to take your car off site during the event, you will be asked to park it in the general car park upon your return to the site;
  • Any additional vehicles will be directed to the general car park;
  • There are toilets located within the field and in additional there are disposal facilities available for chemical toilet waste;
  • Only one ticket is required per caravan / campervan / trailer tent, however, all occupants must be in possession of a valid festival ticket;
  • Please note that it is not possible to use this area for general tented camping, anyone attempting to do so will be moved on by the stewards and unfortunately no monies will be refunded for any caravan / campervan / trailer tent tickets purchased in error.

 Luxury Festival Camping

If you don’t fancy putting up your own tent at the festival, perhaps the Luxury Camping Field is for you. Take a look at our Luxury Camping Page for full details.

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