Wickerman Do’s & Dont’s

Wickerman Do’s & Don’ts

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The Do’s

  • PLEASE DO attend.
  • PLEASE DO remember your ticket (unfortunately we will not issue replacements)
  • PLEASE DO remember that the gates close at 23.00, so we urge you to arrive safely and in time unless you want to wait in a holding bay until the gates reopen at 09.00 the next morning.
  • PLEASE DO park your car in the designated area and by this we do not mean the campsite. Anyone naughty enough to attempt parking in the campsite will find that the offending vehicle has been towed. The same principle is true for abandoned vehicles.
  • PLEASE DO remember that the caravan and campervan field is for caravans and campervans (the clue is in the name) and as such please do not pitch tents within this area unless you have a young family with you and are in possession of a Family Only Area caravan/campervan ticket. Both this and the above rule are put in place for health and safety reasons, not to try and spoil your fun.
  • PLEASE DO obey the NO GLASS on site rule; whether it is your booze, coffee jars/tables, drinking receptacles or indeed ketchup bottles, the rules are the same (optical aids or spectacles are the only exception to the rule). We are very strict on this as we must bear in mind the safety of the wonderful people inhabiting the site for the weekend and the wonderful animals who inhabit the site following the festival.
  • PLEASE DO leave any animals at home. Unfortunately they are not allowed on site, this includes dogs, cats, gerbils, horses & goldfish! Anyone arriving with an animal will be turned away at the gate and should any animals be found on site both they and their owner will be removed from site at the owner’s expense. No refunds will be offered in any case.
  • PLEASE DO remember to pack for all weather conditions. Obviously we are all looking forward to the Scottish summer therefore we recommend that you don’t forget to pack warm clothes, wet wipes, condoms, sun cream and other essential camping gear.
  • PLEASE DO leave any valuables at home. We would strongly urge you not to bring any valuables on site but understand this is necessary in some cases and if this is the case please look after them and do not leave them unattended. The Wickerman Festival cannot be held responsible for any losses or in the worst case, theft.
  • PLEASE DO make much merriment.
  • PLEASE DO leave the ceremonial burnings to us by avoiding starting any fires. Fires, like fireworks and pyrotechnics are very dangerous.
  • PLEASE DO bring a mate.
  • PLEASE DO dress like a spiv.
  • PLEASE DO be aware that mobile phone reception is patchy across the site, therefore, we would strongly suggest that should you need to speak to someone over the course of the weekend you bring everyone on your contacts list with you. (Most major networks have coverage somewhere on the site, finding out where is the fun part).

The Don’ts

  • PLEASE DON’T carry alcohol into the main arena (alcohol can be carried into and consumed in the campsite), please make use of the fine refreshment establishments in the main arena should you feel a thirst.
  • PLEASE DON’T bring generators onto the campsite as petrol and tents are a bad combination. In addition the noise of a small generator is very intrusive.
  • PLEASE DON’T bring amplified instruments or sound systems onto the campsite. As square as it seems some people use their tents for sleeping, you will find a whole host of musical entertainment in the main arena.
  • PLEASE DON’T bring any fireworks or pyrotechnics. They are strictly prohibited and indeed rather dangerous especially if you or your party have partaken of some fizzy pop. Anyone found in breach of this rule will be escorted from the site without refund.
  • PLEASE DON’T forget it is a festival and as such you are there to have fun – we see it is as our job to do all we can to ensure that!
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